/e-Learning Course: Proper Use of Research Grants(Initiatives, manuals, etc.)
The ID and password used to log in are SPS-ID / ECS-ID and their password.

※毎週金曜日 午前6時~午前7時頃まで、システム定期保守のためご利用いただけません。あらかじめご承知置き下さい。
Please note that this e-Learning system is not available every Friday from 6:00am to 7:00am for system maintenance.

Those who have not yet taken the training may receive an e-mail (from:no-reply(at) urging them to take the course from the departmental attendance manager.

【e-Learningの推奨受講環境/System Requirements for the e-Learning System】
○ ブラウザ/Web Browser
・ Microsoft Edge
・ Google Chrome (ver.27以上/ver.27 and later)
・ Firefox
・ Safari (ver.6以上/ver.6 and later)
※ブラウザは最新のバージョンでお使いください。/Please use the latest version of the browser.
○ プラグイン/Plug-in
・ Adobe Reader 5.0以上(誓約書の閲覧・印刷に必要です)
/Adobe Reader 5.0 and later (required for viewing/printing a pledge)
○ ハードウェア/Hardware
・ 画面サイズ/Screen resolution  1024×786以上/1024x786 or higher